Annual ATLAS group retreat

2018’s Atlas meeting took place in Gimo Hergård with 22 participants from Stockholm and Uppsala Universities.

The meeting started with a presentation by Anders Götherström providing some facts and success stories about the Atlas project.

Other presentations covered a broad range of subjects including bioinformatic approaches, revising the sampling procedures from archaeological remains, analyzing kinship between ancient individuals to nomadic movements in central Asia.

Following the presentations, we proceed with a small excursion to two different archaeological sites.

Torun Zachrisson guided us through:

Vendel church and Iron age archaeological site

Torun explaining the history of Vendel church.
Vendel church
The plant gråfibbla. Archaeologists can use phosphate accumulation as a marker to spot possible culture layers beneath the soil.


Boat graves in Valsgärde (few km north of Gamla Uppsala)

Towards the archeological site


Soil depression in archaeological boat grave site


Torun explaining the details of the boat grave